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  Tank walls anti-corrosion experts
  Size processing all kinds of cans (box) thousands of Taiwan (sets) per year
  China's anti-corrosion engineers on-site supervisor

  Yancheng golden of surface engineering technology co., LTD can open 17% value-added tax votes (crude salt city ray surface engineering technology co., LTD can open 6% value-added tax votes), founded in 1988, is a set of thermal spraying, heavy-duty, mechanical repair, sandblasting processing, technical services as one of the modern private enterprises.Has a modern steel structure plant, is the domestic imports ....
點擊查看:Tin box spraying zinc anticorrosion construction的詳細信息
Tin box spraying zin
點擊查看:West bridge crossing MouPing aluminum paint protection的詳細信息
West bridge crossing
點擊查看:Scope of business的詳細信息
Scope of business
點擊查看:Scope of business的詳細信息
Scope of business
點擊查看:Pump parts spraying zinc aluminum alloy anti-corrosion construction的詳細信息
Pump parts spraying
點擊查看:Pipe and steel truss spraying zinc protection components的詳細信息
Pipe and steel truss
點擊查看:Steel members (beams, steel pipe, etc.) aluminum protective work的詳細信息
Steel members (beams
點擊查看:Marine rubber fender impact after spraying zinc anticorrosion construction的詳細信息
Marine rubber fender
點擊查看:Steel gate anticorrosion construction的詳細信息
Steel gate anticorro
點擊查看:South Africa's domestic gas tank repair spraying zinc的詳細信息
South Africa's domes
Adopts the preservative treatment for municipal tap water company solve the problem of the tank wall rust corrosion (this product by NSF certification)
Adopts the preservat
For the western power plant underground pipes inside and outside wall aluminum protection
For the western powe
Sandblasting products factory
Sandblasting product
Semi-automatic sandblasting room
Semi-automatic sandb
Sandblasting derusting
Sandblasting derusti
After a few days and nights of assault 2014/12/27
After several night shift of assault t 2014/12/27
Thank you Beijing ball crown provide u 2014/12/27
China anticorrosion construction quali 2014/12/27
Continuous wet weather delayed in gaoy 2014/12/27
Thanks to our suppliers, over the year 2014/12/27
American engineer Mr Ronader on-site guidance work to my compa 2014/12/27
Anticorrosion coating defects and maintenance improvement measures 2014/12/27
Spraying zinc, aluminum process compared with the similar process performan 2014/12/27
Why the thermal spraying metal ladder can anticorrosive coating? 2014/12/27
Lu hello, always by shijiazhuang a factory in the same industry, pesticide 2014/12/27
Lu total (work) : the ans is a large chemical enterprises in shandong, the 2014/12/27
Lift to ask: bridge used aluminum process? 2014/12/27
Company address: yancheng army-building road no. 59
In an exclusive haihua 5th floor. Room 412
Address: Salt Lake City mayor dam road no. 36
Telephone: 0515-88363223/83090828
Fax: 0515-88363223
Engineers hotline: (0) 13905103446
Phone: 18905103446 (steel structure)
Copyright (C) : yancheng gold of surface engineering technology co., LTD All rights reserved
Company address: yancheng city middle road no. 59 for army in wormwood haihua 5th floor. Room 412
Sue ICP prepare 08018853-2
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